Practice Areas


  • Sale of shares
  • Challenging corporate agreements, defences of minority corporate interests • Incorporating companies
  • Capital increases/reductions
  • Dissolution and liquidation of companies
  • Mergers/acquisitions/absorptions, MBO/MBI operations Setting up subsidiaries
  • Defence of shareholder meeting interests
  • Executive liability matters
  • Entering into para-social agreements in companies, partnership agreements
  • Consulting and drafting of family protocols
  • Claims against insurance companies and/or lending institutions guaranteeing third-party insolvency
  • Arrangements with creditors
  • Agency rights, agent/company conflicts (and vice-versa) Compensation for customer base, lack of forewarning, damages. Non-existence of right to compensation
  • Debt claims and recovery Small claims and exchange proceedings

Civil Law

  • Extracontractual Liability
  • Actions for Payment
  • General Civil Liability
  • Contract Liability
  • Actions for Payment of Debts
  • Healthcare Law
  • Claims Against Airlines
  • Traffic Accident Claims
  • Real Rights to Enjoyment, Guarantee and Purchase
  • Consumers and Users. Defective Products. Real Estate
  • Tourism Law Defence of Tour Operator and Customer/User Interests Combined Travel Law
  • Contracts


  • Trial Courts, Criminal Courts and Minors' Courts
  • Commercial Courts • Courts of First Instance
  • Family Courts
  • Social Courts
  • Ecclesiastical Courts
  • Provincial Courts of Appeals
  • Contentious-Administrative Courts
  • Constitutional Court
  • Arbitration Tribunals
  • Superior Courts of Justice
  • Supreme Court


  • Crimes against traffic safety: Blood alcohol levels, speeding, disobeying authority, reckless driving and omission of duty to provide assistance
  • Crimes against persons
  • Economic/financial crime: misappropriation, fraud, misrepresentation, corporate crime, money laundering, punishable insolvency, forgery
  • Crimes against industrial and intellectual property
  • Domestic violence
  • Criminal prosecution: accusations and lawsuits Private and public prosecution Defence of accused
  • Prosecution and defence in child support default proceedings, visitation violations
  • Professional negligence
  • Crimes against family rights and duties: criminal desertion, child support defaults, child abduction

Family & inheritance

  • Separation and divorce
  • Civil and ecclesiastical marriage annulments
  • Custody
  • Claim, extinguishment and modification of support
  • Regulation of common-law couples
  • Incapacitation
  • Marriage settlement
  • Inheritance acceptance
  • Claim of forced portions and bequests
  • Family-run company succession

Banking law

  • Defend on foreclosures
  • Datio in payment
  • Abuses and damaging Bank practices: Vices of Consent with the effect of nullity of the contract.
  • Claims against the Financial Consulting Companies (EAFI) because of the nullity of the contracts as because of the breach of the contracts.
  • Renegotiation of the Debt

Real estate

  • Termination of contracts
  • Horizontal property; creation and advising of Owners' Associations
  • Earnest money contracts (specific inclusions. Mortgages)
  • Sale agreements Properties, plots, buildings
  • Subdivision of plots and properties. Study and analysis of urban development plans.
  • Execution of down payment guarantees for properties under construction (Law 57/1968)
  • Council housing (VPO)
  • Registered charges; registration of rights; Property Registry; personal and real property; exchange proceedings; preventive seizure annotations
  • Site management liability (design engineer, architect, technical architect)
  • Building defects and delivery of buildings with inferior finishes/finishes not assimilated in building specifications
  • Construction law; applicability of the LOE
  • Liability of various construction agents
  • Developer and builder liability

Leasing and rental and horizontal property

  • Actions for collection of unpaid rent If required, appearance in proceedings to claim such unpaid rent from the debtor
  • Urban and rural leasing
  • Earnest money contracts (specific inclusions. Mortgages)
  • Termination of contracts and evictions
  • Claims against tenants for property damage
  • Property occupancy status
  • Council housing (VPO)
  • Rent-control leases Updating of rental where legally authorised
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Consulting involving all forms of contracts
  • Creating and advising owners' associations in horizontal property systems
  • Claims for owners' association payments against co-owners

Intellectual and Industrial property

  • Advice on protection of trademarks and trade names.
  • Trademark registration process at national, EU and international
  • National patents, European patents and PCT, utility models and industrial designs.
  • Advice to producers and artists: contract negotiation, work production and marketing strategies, intellectual property protection.
  • Drafting contracts relating to intellectual property.
  • Legal defense in all proceedings relating to intellectual property.
  • Advice to combat trademark counterfeiting: interventions, reports, surveys and civil and criminal proceedings.

Labour law

  • Procedures with Labour Inspection Officials
  • Preparation of claims against administrative resolutions
  • Claims for quantity, sanction, professional classification, mobility, harassment
  • Individual and group dismissals (Redundancy Files). Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Processes with the Ministry of Labour. Labour Conciliations
  • employer non-compliance, declarative claims, etc.
  • Procedural representation before the Social Courts
  • Files for permanent incapacity, retirement and other contributory and non-contributory benefits
  • Claims for sick leave and medical discharge for accidents at work, professional illnesses. Health expenses
  • Appeals to higher courts
  • Enforcement proceedings. Processes with the Salary Guarantee Fund

Administrative law

  • Pecuniary liability claims against the government
  • Contentious-administrative appeals
  • Third-party calls to administrative proceedings
  • Filing for and obtaining administrative licences
  • Licence applications relating to Gaming and Betting Law (draws for advertising purposes, wagers and bets, gaming establishments)

Insurance law

  • Claims and execution of down payment guarantees from insurance companies in the sale of properties under construction
  • Friendly and in-court claims against insurance and bond companies for insured operations and in case of third-party insolvency
  • Defence and claims in life, accident, fire, theft, home, damage, water damage, industrial, loss of profit, transportation and driving insurance
  • Claim of life insurances friendly and in-court claims. Defence of the interests of the insured person